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Aux Marsilloux

Aux Marsilloux
Near Rue Cler, Paris, France

On our way back to the hotel after walking around Rue Cler and the surrounding area, we passed by a small pastry shop that looked interesting and decided to check it out. I'm not sure if I got the shop's name exactly right but I believe it was called Aux Marsilloux. The shop has large windows where you can see into the bakery and all the baked goods on display. This place seemed to specialize in only one type of pastry, although they were shaped in different forms and sizes.

The shop keepers didn't speak very much English, so we ended up just pointing at what looked interesting to us. I don't even know what the pastry is called, although the small versions of the pastries were advertised as damiers. That could be just referring to the black and white arrangement of the pastries in the box, resembling a checkerboard.

We opted for the dark chocolate version, although a vanilla and white chocolate version was also available. I didn't take pictures of the inside of the pastry but it was essentially a baked meringue topped with whipped cream and chocolate shavings. The meringue was crispy and light, adding the textural component to the otherwise soft remainder of the pastry. This was a great treat during our walk back to the hotel.


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