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Le Paradis du Fruit

Le Paradis du Fruit
47 Avenue George V, 75008 Paris, France
+33 1 47 20 74 00
On the same night we tried to grab dessert at Laduree and came up empty, we eventually ended up at Le Paradis du Fruit, a small cafe located a few blocks away from our hotel. It's a very casual place, nothing fancy about it at all. Lots of younger kids and couples on dates were hanging out here, sharing a drink, coffee, or dessert. Le Paradis du Fruit has a pretty large menu with lots of different pastries, fruit smoohies, frozen treats and desserts, which was exactly what we were looking for. We just wanted an affordable bite of something sweet before calling it a night.
My wife and I both shared this huge baba au rhum dish, which was definitely large enough for two. Babas are small yeast cakes, typically saturated in hard liquor like rum. Think of a really rich brioche. Here it was served with some fresh berries, a creme anglaise, and some whipped cream.

The baba was really delicious. The French obviously know how to do pastry really well. The cool thing about Paris is that quality pastry is everywhere, accessible to both the rich and poor. Paris is by no means cheap but you can still taste some great items without spending a fortune. There are chains like Brioche Doree all around Paris and in the train stations that serve croissants and apple tarts that are cheap but really quite good. Places like Paradis du Fruit are less stuffy than more famous spots like Laduree but you can still get great items to enjoy.


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