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24 Hour Sous Vide Short Ribs

It's been a while but I'm back finally! Life has been crazy lately between managing projects for work, shopping and buying a new home, and preparing for a baby on the way!

So a while back I had posted about short ribs that I sous vided for 48 hours. Those were ultra-slow cooked at a low temperature to achieve "medium-rare" short ribs, something that cannot be achieved through traditional cooking methods. The short ribs turned out great but the downside is that they took a long time to achieve the end result.

I recently tried sous viding short ribs again but this time at a higher temperature, closer to what you would find in a traditional braise on the cook top or in the oven but still using more gentle heat - 165 degrees F for 24 hours in my Sous Vide Supreme. The short ribs ended up losing the medium-rare, pinkish/red color obviously, but the meat was still phenomenal - and perhaps more enjoyable than at the lower temp. Cutting down the cook time by half was nice as well. The higher heat rendered more of the fat but the meat was still moist and meltingly tender. The texture reminded me very much of that of a smoked short rib I had at my local BBQ joint recently.

The taste was great as well - I went for a more traditional French Burgundy style flavor profile, using some of my own twists of course. This included some soy sauce, oyster sauce, granulated garlic, granulated onion, salt, pepper, worcestershire sauce, dried thyme, and bay leaf. I debated adding some red wine but left it out, figuring I could add it to the sauce at the end if I desired. In the end, I left it out entirely and didn't make any difference in terms of flavor in my opinion. I highly recommend this method!


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