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Mercat a la Planxa

Mercat a la Planxa
638 S Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60605
(312) 765-0524

I was in Chicago for almost 6 months, traveling back and forth for work, and during the week while I was there, I usually stayed at the Renaissance Blackstone Hotel near the South Loop. It's a fantastic hotel and while part of the Marriott chain, it has the feel of a more boutique hotel. The hotel has alot of history, is well maintained, and the staff is awesome there. Aside from being conveniently located near my client's office, the hotel also is home to Iron Chef Jose Garces's restaurant, Mercat a la Planxa.

Since I had more than a few late nights at the office, I often ended up at Mercat to grab a quick bite to eat before crashing for the night. I think I ate at Mercat about a dozen times during my time in Chicago and tried nearly the whole menu. Mercat is neither the most affordable nor the best in terms of value, but the food is certainly delicious. It's the perfect place to go on an expense account.

Here are some of the shots of the food at Mercat:

Arroz a la Cazuela - Saffron Scented Broth with Maine Lobster, Chicken, Chorizo, Rabbit, Shaved Artichoke Salad & Piquillo Aioli

Serrano Ham & Fig Salag - La Peral, Baby Spinach, Spiced Almonds & Sherry Vinaigrette

Gambas al ajillo - Garlic Shrimp

Iberico Secreto - Iberico Pork Loin, Mole Sauce

Chorizo, Potatoe, Espuma

Patatas Bravas - Spicy Potatoes with Spicy Paprika Aioli

Conill Amb Castanyes - Braised Rabbit Agnolotti, Roasted Chestnut Purée, Brandied Cherries and Rosemary Brown Butter

Beef tartare

Costillas de Ternera - Beef Shortribs, Horseradish, Parmesan & Bacon

Chicago style sausage dog

Pork Belly - Iron Chef Battle recreation

Tomato Art  - marinated tomatoes, almonds, radish, balsamic glaze

Lamb skewer a la planxa

Chorizo Flatbread - tomato, chorizo, shrimp, garlic

Chacuteria Mixto

Truita de Patata - Spanish Omelette with Spinach, Potatoes & Saffron Aioli

Pintxos Muranos - Colorado Lamb Brochettes wrapped in Bacon, Lamb Jus

Mixto Croquetas - Serrano Ham & Chorizo Croqeuttes, Romesco
Seared Tuna - Turnip and Radish Noodles

Pelotas de Calabaza y  Cordero - Butternut Squash Dumplings, Lamb Ragout, Beech Mushroom Escabeche, Black Truffle
Albondigas de Cordero - Lamb Meatballs, Sherry Foie Cream, Peas

Pastry with Capuccino Espuma


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