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Market by Jean-Georges

Market by Jean-Georges
100 Stuart Street, Boston, MA 02116
(617) 310-6790
Last year before going to a show in the theatre district, my wife and I dined at Market, which is Jean-Georges's only restaurant concept in Boston located at the W Hotel. The W Hotel itself is very contemporary with a sleek, modern feel, and Market continues that theme in the design of both its ambiance and menu.
Market isn't a large restaurant but the size and shape of the room with its high ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows, and long wooden paneling stretching up and down the facades really give it an open feel. In terms of food, Market's philosophy appears to focus on Jean-Georges's sweet spot of taking classic dishes and then infusing some "exotic" and eclectic flourishes to reinvent the dish.
Market doesn't seem to ever get much attention. I don't recall it ever being discussed much on message boards, getting much love on Yelp, or being placed on one of Eater Boston's best restaurant lists. Perhaps it's because it's just another "hotel restaurant" but the food we tried had really great flavors and the dishes were well executed.
For our first courses, we tried the pea soup and tuna tartare. This was during the middle of the hot summer, so both of these light, refreshing dishes were really welcomed. The pea soup was a bright, vivid green - almost chlorophylic. The tuna was was very fresh and was paired with a spicy Asian dressing.


For mains, I ordered the braised short rib with a carrot puree and sauteed vegetables while my wife got the salmon cooked Scandinavian style.

The desserts - one highlighting fresh summer strawberries and the other focusing on peaches - were probably the highlight of the meal.

We really enjoyed our meal at Market. The food was really solid with clean, bright flavors, and the best ingredients of the season were highlighted very well.


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