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Agar Agar at C-Mart

Yesterday my wife and I had pho for lunch in Chinatown and after we finished, we stopped by C-Mart. While grabbing some potato starch, I spotted some agar agar in the same aisle! For a while now I've been looking to get my hands on some to try recipes in the gelification section of the Modernist Cuisine cookbook, but prices have been pretty steep everywhere I've looked over the internet. I picked up this 25 gram packet of agar agar for a little over $1. On Modernist Pantry, agar agar sells for about $12 for 50 grams. I haven't used the agar agar yet, so I can't make any judgments regarding "quality" (however that may be defined for agar agar) but I do know that is a big price difference. If anyone has used this brand, I would definitely be interested in hearing your thoughts about your experiences using it.


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