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Quick Whipped Cream in Vitamix

Every year for Christmas we go to a family member's house to celebrate. My parents and aunts / uncles take turns hosting, but everyone brings a dish so it ends up being a huge potluck. This year my wife and I made a tres leches cake using Emeril Lagasse's recipe. It turned out tasting great but the top of the cake wasn't the most aesthetically pleasing from all of the holes we poked to distribute the milk glaze. As a result, we decided to make some whipped cream to spread on the top of the cake, but we were running low on time, so I used my Vitamix. The results weren't perfect but pretty decent. It took only about 10-15 seconds in the Vitamix to take the loose liquid cream to soft-medium peaks. It's a good trick to have if you're ever pinched for time.


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